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A puppy looks out a window at our Sonoran dog rescue center.

Adoptable Dogs

The Shepherds!

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Bailey and his littermates were dumped near a beach in Guaymas, Sonora, MX March 2023. Some nice tourists brought them to Miguel and he has them at his rancho rescue in Hermosillo. There were FIVE babies. 

Bailey (above) is the captain of the crew. Big personality and a strong alpha of the group. 

All dogs have been spayed and neutered and given all shots and are about 9 months old now. They are ready for adoption and smart, agile and high energy and attentive. GSD blends, adorable, loyal and affectionate. 


Jax, was left on that same beach with his other siblings at four weeks old. He is sweet, gentle, and at ease around people and other dogs.

He is an explorer and loves to play with his pack, but is happiest when hanging out with human companions.


He's a handsome boy with a noble face and sandy fur. With his strong, sturdy build, he has all the potential to be a superb protector.

A gentle giant with a sweet soul, Grizzly is very tolerant of his often rambunctious kin.  

He loves to give kisses, play with his toys, and have his belly rubbed.