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Paws Without Borders Dog Rescue

We rescue, rehabilitate, rehome, and care for dogs found on the streets of Mexico. We work primarily with our sister organization, (Paws Without Borders - Mexico), but we also assist other rescues in Mexico as we can.

Paws Without Borders - Mexico runs a shelter for approximately 100 dogs, and growing! They provide a safe and loving place for them to live their lives where they are provided medical care, food, and shelter. Whenever possible, we work to rehome these dogs through our partnerships with rescues throughout the US and Canada. 

Our Rescue Center

We currently have over 100 dogs in our rescue center in Hermosillo, Mexico. 

Most of our dogs are housed outside in pens, although some are free roaming on the grounds within the gated property. Our dogs with medical needs, like Daisy and Jasmine, are housed inside so we can provide round the clock care for them. Additionally, puppies are kept indoors as much as possible to ensure they stay healthy. 


The needs at our shelter for food, dog houses, blankets, tarps, sunshades, and dog enrichment are great. If you would like to donate, please head over to our Donation page and learn about the ways you can help help us help them!

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